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We are a come-as-you-are church for believers and nonbelievers alike looking for connection. Learn more about our mission and vision.

We are passionate Jesus followers with a call to teach and equip God’s people to live meaningfully with purpose and generosity.

To love God, love people, and serve people.

Welcome to the First Congregational Church Wareham, United Church of Christ (FCC Wareham), where everyone is welcome! We are a come-as-you-are church, a family, a fellowship of faith, and a community of hope, helping the people of Wareham and surrounding communities discover Jesus in the everyday places where we live, work, and play. We’re glad you are here. We’d love to hear your story and share ours with you. You may not be participating in a Christian community and would like to connect; drop by to see us. We’d love to get acquainted. – Rev. Philomena

The story of the First Congregational Church of Wareham ties intimately to the history of the town of Wareham. For its first 90 years (1739-1828), church and town affairs were one, as was the common practice within the commonwealth. After the separation of church and state in Massachusetts, the church building continued to house both a sanctuary space and the town meeting hall for another 75 years (1829-1904), making it a focal point of the religious and civic life of the community. Our church gathered in 1739 with 15 men and 28 women and Rev. Roland Thacher as the minister. As the oldest church in Wareham, our exciting history spans five different church buildings, over 30 ministers, and hundreds of faithful, dedicated members, which attests to the church’s longevity. Though damaged by fire twice and rebuilt four times, the church has stood fast as a witness to the faith of the town’s ancestors and as a reminder of the values and commitments of Wareham. On the other hand, we are also a very new congregation in our programs, thinking, and outreach locally and globally. We are a people worshiping, serving, and playing together as a family united by our love of God, self, and neighbor.

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