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Provide 1-2 sentences of setup copy for your church’s mission and vision statements.

Example: Our church takes pride in committing ourselves to God’s plan for us, as expressed in our mission and vision statements.

Provide your church’s mission statement.

Ex: To express God’s love in action, compassion, and justice.

Provide a paragraph description of the goals and hopes for your church. (30-45 words)

Ex: To bring about the Kingdom through community outreach and preaching the Gospel.

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Write a welcome message (maybe, from your pastor). Typical welcome messages range from one to three paragraphs in length and provide an overview of the ministries and mission of your church.

Welcome! No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey you are welcome here. We are an Open and Affirming congregation striving to reflect and live out God’s radical love and extravagant welcome. Our church is a grounded part of our community, yet we welcome and connect with visitors and members from across the county and beyond. 

As you navigate our website, and if you wonder what to do next, you’re invited to worship with us on Sundays at 10am. We are currently worshiping in-person, but if you prefer, you may join us from the comfort of your home. If it feels like the right spiritual home for you, or if you have questions and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

​​​​​​​God’s peace and blessings on your search for a church home, we’d love to see you here.

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Provide a brief history of your church. Typical church histories range from one to four paragraphs in length. Paragraphs should be divided into clear chapters/eras of the church’s history.

X Community Church began as a doctoral project of X, a graduate student at Columbia University. The first congregational meeting was held on February 27, 1947, and from this meeting, our church was born. X agreed to serve as the interim minister until June, and the first service was held on March 2, 1947. In spite of a major snowstorm, 226 people showed up.

In September 1947, Reverend X was called as the church’s first full-time minister. Under his leadership, Sunday school classes were held at the X. Within two years, the congregation had grown to more than 300 members from 34 different denominations. Concerned that a particular doctrine would destroy the fellowship and service of the church, the congregation chose not to join a denomination.

In March 1950, on the third anniversary of the formation of the church, ground was broken for the new building. Impressive ground-breaking ceremonies were attended by more than 100 members and guests. The ceremonies were held at the new church site. This would be the first church to be built in this rapidly-growing lake community. On Easter Sunday, March 25, 1951, the first worship service was held in the newly-constructed building in which the congregation of 520 worshipped for the first time.

In 1972, X Community Church became affiliated with the United Church of Christ and remains a UCC church to this day. In 2016, the church voted to become an Open and Affirming congregation. Throughout the years the church has been blessed with many gifted and dedicated ministers who have continued the ministry of the congregation, expanding it to other neighboring communities.

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